Book of The Month July 2012

Disposable People

by Kevin Bales

Most of us grew up learning about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of slavery. It might be unsettling for us to realize that slavery is alive and well, and thriving in the modern global village that we all call home. Slavery or “human trafficking” (a somewhat sanitized title) as it’s often referred to is in fact the most important human rights issue facing us today. In his well researched book Disposable People author Kevin Bales does an excellent job of giving the uninitiated reader an overview of modern day slavery. He documents slavery specifically in 5 countries: Thailand, Mauritania, Brazil, Pakistan and India. However he also shows how today’s global economy, the ease of travel and multi-national business contribute to a worldwide problem of staggering proportions. Most shocking for us may be how many slaves are moved into, out of and through the United States. How many U.S. dollars contribute to the problem and how many Americans benefit in one or anther from the slave trade.

As a Christian I believe that we cannot ignore this issue and that we are mandated by the Bible and by Jesus to get involved. Reading Kevin Bales book is a very good place to start. Not simply an expose, he outlines big picture strategies to address the issue as well as how every person can help. Slavery is an overwhelming problem, daunting and intimidating. One may ask “What can I do, this problem is so big it will never be conquered”. But every effort will make a difference. We need the attitude of King David as he faced Goliath. The Armies of Israel shuddered in fear saying “He’s too big”. David, conversely, said “he’s so big, I can’t miss”.

Read Kevin Bales book and prayerfully ask the Lord what you can do to make a difference.