There is a time and a season for everything under heaven, turn, turn, turn…..

When I was a teenager growing up in the 70’s muscle cars were all the rage: 4 on the floor, bigger engines, wider tires, more power. Now, my interest in cars has changed: seat warmers, good gas mileage and an automatic transmission are the options of choice.

It’s a different season in life. A season of power has given way to a season of presence.

Something I’ve discovered along the way is that, as in life, there are also seasons of the Spirit. Being in a Vineyard church for some 35 years now, I’m familiar with a season of power. A season in which we learned that the Holy Spirit wasn’t a “ghost of Christmas past” but a present reality: available, accessible and active in and through the lives of all those willing to listen, learn, grow, pray, and ask. Lives were touched and transformed and Trinity became reality. I’m thankful for that season of power and the transformational truth it brought.

As of late though, I’ve been in a very different season. A season of presence. I recently re-read Practicing His Presence by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach. I was struck by the commitment they each had to an awareness, moment by moment of God’s presence. While that depth of relationship seems far beyond me at this moment, I have been endeavoring to find God’s presence in ways I’ve at times overlooked it. In the beauty of creation, in my grandsons laugh, in conversations and prayers, in music, in relationship.

The effect has been that I’ve grown more thankful for life and I’ve come to appreciate each moment as a gift from God. I’m not as inclined to be looking for God to do a new thing or a bigger thing, but ask all the time “Lord, what are you doing: now, here, today?”

I don’t know that the season of power has completely passed, or won’t return. And, I don’t profess for a moment that “this” is what God is doing now or that it even has application to anyone’s life beyond my own. Nor do I know what the next season will bring or when it will begin. But I am very much enjoying this season of presence in the present.