Vineyard Beliefs & Core Values

Portland Vineyard is one of a collection of churches called the Association of Vineyard Churches. While technically not a denomination, we are connected by relationship and a common value system. Vineyard began about 25 years ago and currently has about 1000 churches worldwide. For more information on Vineyard see



The mission of Vineyard USA is to join God’s mission in the world by building a community of churches that are proclaiming and practicing the full message and reality of the kingdom of God.


We are a people of the Kingdom of God who…

Partner with the Holy Spirit
Experience and worship God
Reconcile people with God and all creation
Engage in compassionate ministry
Pursue culturally relevant mission in the world

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 Statement of faith:

– God the King and the Holy Trinity
– God the King: The Creator and Ruler of all things
– Counterfeit Kingdom: Satan and Demonic Hosts
– The Kingdom in Creation, The Fall, and The Doctrine of Original Sin
– God’s Providence, Kingdom Law and Covenants
– Christ the Mediator and Eternal King
– The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
– The Sufficiency of Scripture
– The Power of the Gospel over the Kingdom of Darkness
– The Church: Instrument of the Kingdom
– Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
– The Kingdom of God and the Final Judgment

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